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Texting Is Best

We are constantly in our vehicles and may not be able to get to the phone immediately.  If you are comfortable with texting, we recommend doing so.  We will respond quickly!

Need anything? we'll deliver

Within reason of course! It must be safe, legal and able to be moved by ONE of our drivers.  We are a Sanibel business and we will be keeping our vehicles on Sanibel (for now).  Sorry, we probably won't be able to pick up your dry cleaning in Fort Myers. However, always feel free to email us, you never know.  Plenty of other items or services you may

*Packages to/from the post office/Pack and Ship store


*Grocery/convenience store items


*Legal documents/bank errands

*Pet food/supplies


*Items you wish to donate

*Food from any of our restaurants

*Items from any of our shops

We'll even stock your residence for you before you get on island! Email us and we'll work out the details.


About Us


Who we are

Sanibel Delivery is a locally owned and operated delivery service with a mission to make the island's residents', visitors' and employees' lives just a little bit easier.  Having lived on Sanibel for almost 5 years and, before that, a frequent visitor for nearly 40 years, Sanibel Delivery's owner, David Queisser, has seen many changes.  More importantly, he has seen many non changes.  One of the great non changes of Sanibel is the peace and tranquility that envelops most everyone the moment they reach our beautiful causeway.  That peacefulness is what keeps us here or keeps us coming back.  Sanibel Delivery was created so the people of the island would have just a little more peace and relaxation while they are here.  We look forward to taking care of your many delivery options so don't have to.  


What we do

The single, most valuable, commodity is your time.  Sanibel Delivery will provide you with more time by taking care of your daily tasks and chores for you.  Restaurant delivery service is one of our offerings but it doesn't end there.  We will deliver items to or from the post office/mail centers, dry cleaning, ice, bait, legal documents, flowers, sundries, coffee, desserts, kayaks, bicycles and groceries (we'll even stock your place for you before you get on island!).  In fact, there is not much we won't pick up and drop off for you.  JUST ASK! If we can lift it, we'll get it to it's destination.  And don't throw away your charitable items.  We will pick up and drop off those as well.  


How to schedule a delivery



Need something immediately? Just call 239-308-5353.  


Same number...239-308-5353.  We will constantly be near our business phone, so any questions or requests will get a very quick response.  


Not looking for an immediate response or have a more detailed question or request? All emails will have a response within 24 hours. 

how do i get restaurant food delivered and how much does it cost?


What To Do

All you need to do is call your restaurant of choice, order your food, then call or text us and we will go get it for you. Sanibel Delivery will pay for your food order at the time of pick-up (no need to pay over the phone) then, you just pay us for your food order as well as our fee. Cash or all credit cards are welcome. We will make sure the receipt matches the order but can not be responsible if there is a miscommunication between the customer and the restaurant. 

 Please understand that the island gets busy and, often, moves slow.  Feel free to call or text us first and make sure that we are able to accommodate you accordingly.  You all know the traffic, please be patient.  Or contact us early to schedule a delivery for a later time!! 


Below are just some of the featured restaurants we enjoy on the island, however, we will be delivering from most of the places you enjoy, as well!


The Lighthouse Cafe

Timbers/Sanibel Grill

Timbers/Sanibel Grill


Menu can be found: 

Timbers/Sanibel Grill

Timbers/Sanibel Grill

Timbers/Sanibel Grill

Menus can be found:

Menus can be found: 

Paper Fig Kitchen

Timbers/Sanibel Grill

Paper Fig Kitchen


Menu can be found: 

The Pecking Order

Malia Island Fusion Cuisine

Paper Fig Kitchen

Menu can be found:

Malia Island Fusion Cuisine

Malia Island Fusion Cuisine

Malia Island Fusion Cuisine


Menu can be found: 

Spoondrift Island Bowls

Malia Island Fusion Cuisine

Malia Island Fusion Cuisine


Menu can be found: 

restaurant delivery prices



We will be adding a 10% gratuity to every togo order for all of the hard work the restaurant is doing ($5 maximum). If you do not want to tip the togo person, please let us know ahead of time.


*Please confirm that the restaurant doesn't have any other fees on their end*

grocery pickup and delivery

Sanibel Delivery has partnered up with The Loaded Kitchen for all of your grocery needs. We will be offering concierge grocery delivery service on Sanibel and Captiva...BEFORE YOU EVEN GET TO THE ISLANDS!! No need to stop after that long flight or drive.  Just go to the attached link on The Loaded Kitchen and follow the simple instructions.  You're stay here should be full of relaxation not chores.  Let us handle that!



Feed coming soon

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